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Rapid Implementations

Accelas Quick Start Solutions

Accelas Solutions can do your implementation in as little as 6-8 weeks. Learn more about our quick start implementation programs…

Select - Price - Quote

Accelas Select Price Quote Solution

Accelas SPQ enables you to quickly search for a product, price it and send a quote to your customers.

Accelas Integration Manager (AIM)

Manage Oracle Sales Cloud integrations

AIM gives you the flexibility to manage your integrations. With AIM you can monitor, schedule, and troubleshoot your integrations.

Engineered-to-Order (E2O)

Accelas Engineered-to-Order Solution

Accelas has created a simple Engineered-to-Order (E2O) solution that fits inside of Oracle Sales Cloud seamlessly.

Accelas Support Solutions

Training and Support Solutions

Accelas offers training and support solutions for Oracle Sales Cloud, CRM On Demand and any other CRM/CX solution.